Protection of personal and intellectual property rights

One of the most important areas of interest of our Team are matters concerning protection of personal rights, press, copyright and intellectual property law. Attorney Barbara Kardynia has 18 years of experience in conducting cases for the protection of personal rights and press law.

We provide comprehensive legal services to natural persons and entrepreneurs whose good name, image and reputation have been violated by media activity. We also cooperate with PR agencies dealing with image and reputation issues. We represent clients at the stage of proceedings before common courts and the Supreme Court and in pre-trial negotiations.

Attorney Barbara Karydnia has extensive experience in difficult and complicated cases for the protection of personal rights, and has led to a precedent judgment on the form of apology, under which the defendant was obliged to submit a statement of apology on billboards.

Advocate Barbara Kardynia represented entrepreneurs, athletes, actors, journalists, politicians, including the President of the Republic of Poland, Prime Minister and ministers. She is also in charge of conducting electoral cases.


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