Family law and family property law

Family matters, due to their specificity, require an individual approach to each Client. Our many years of experience in conducting such processes makes us strive to complete the case as quickly as possible, taking into account the best solution for the Client and his loved ones, having in mind, relatively first of all, the welfare of underage children. When providing legal advice in the field of family law, we make every effort to make our Clients feel as comfortable as possible and focus on the welfare of the family and children first and foremost. We ensure full professionalism and commitment to the entrusted matters. The services provided include in particular:

  • conducting divorce cases, including those with an international aspect;
  • representation of victims in difficult and complicated processes involving domestic violence;
  • conducting cases of parental authority and contact with children;
  • handling cases under the 1980 Hague Convention on International Child Abduction;
  • conducting alimony trials, including those with a foreign aspect and claiming alimony outside Poland;
  • division of the spouses' joint property, including identifying the spouse's property located abroad, with particular emphasis on shares in foreign companies;
  • conducting cases for establishing the property separation regime with a retroactive date;
  • drafting of marriage property agreements;
  • conducting proceedings for property settlement of a cohabitation, including abolition of joint ownership.
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