Civil and commercial law

Civil law

We provide legal advice on broadly understood civil law, with particular emphasis on consumer protection law, including compensation proceedings related to traffic accidents, lawsuits for payment, compensation proceedings related to a medical malpractice, which is more broadly discussed under Medical law, including compensation proceedings in Swiss Frank cases, which is more broadly discussed under: Assistance for people with a Swiss franc loan.

The services provided include in particular:

  • property law cases, including cases for the dissolution of co-ownership, cases for delimitation, easement of access and transmission easement, compensation for noise due to airport operation, cases for non-contractual use of property, representation in land and mortgage register proceedings, including proceedings to reconcile the contents of the land and mortgage register with the actual legal status, cases for eviction and protection of possessions, we conduct cases for the seating of property,
  • Inheritance law, we deal with counseling and conducting inheritance acquisition cases, including complex cases related to the invalidation of the will and disinheritance, the inheritance department and the legitimate portion, including the credit of donations made during the testator's lifetime, counseling on inheritance agreements;
  • we deal with matters related to incapacitation, matters of marital law, including change of surname, as well as cases related to obtaining Polish citizenship;
  • broadly understood contract law, i.e. claims arising from civil law contracts, i.e. lease, tenancy, sale and guarantee agreements, loans, donations, including the conduct of proceedings for the revocation of donations, insurance contracts, construction contracts, specyyfic task contract and contracts of mandate.

Commercial law

The Law Office offers comprehensive legal services for business entities - from assistance in company registration to the representation of its interests at subsequent stages of operation before state administration bodies and common courts, as well as in disputes with contractors and employees. Within the framework of the services provided, we deal with preparation of draft contracts, commercial contracts, regulations, documents required by labour law, as well as their analysis and verification. We specialize in conducting large business processes, in all matters of payment, with particular attention attached to disputes in the field of combating acts of unfair competition and all other claims for damages. We advise our Clients and represent their interests during ongoing enforcement proceedings.


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