Assistance for people with a Swiss franc loan

The Law Firm assists people who currently have a Swiss franc loan in the bank and want to know if their contract contains prohibited clauses (so-called abusive clauses) and if so how they affect the validity of the entire contract. We would like to point out that the situation in frank cases is extremely dynamic - the jurisprudence of common courts develops new solutions in frank cases and subsequent clauses are considered abusive (prohibited indexation clauses), which has a significant impact on ongoing disputes with banks.


If you want us to analyze your agreement, please contact us. We will assess the legal situation of the agreement and indicate what kind of claims you can make to the Court.


The Law Firm conducts a number of Swiss frank lawsuits, for which experienced attorneys are responsible. As practitioners, we understand the specificity of the frank credit trials. A specialized department analyzes daily judgments in frank cases on an ongoing basis, thanks to which we can react to bank's litigation tactics and prepare our clients for them.

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