Assistance for people with a Swiss franc loan

The Law Firm assists people who currently have a Swiss franc loan in the bank and want to know if their contract contains prohibited clauses (so-called abusive clauses) and if so how they affect the validity of the entire contract. We would like to point out that the situation in frank cases is extremely dynamic - the jurisprudence of common courts develops new solutions in frank cases.


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Civil and commercial law


We provide legal advice on broadly defined civil law, with particular emphasis on consumer protection law, including compensation proceedings related to traffic accidents, lawsuits for payment, compensation proceedings related to a mistake in medical practice, which is more broadly discussed in the section Medical Law, including also Swiss franc compensation proceedings, which is more broadly discussed in the right section.

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Family law and family property law

Family matters, due to their specificity, require an individual approach to each Client. Our many years of experience in conducting such processes makes us strive to complete the case as quickly as possible, taking into account the best solution for the Client and his loved ones, with the best possible care for the welfare of minors.



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Criminal law

The Law Firm offers comprehensive assistance in criminal law and fiscal penal law cases. Thanks to many years of experience, attorneys defending our Clients in criminal cases are perfectly capable of reacting to dynamic events in criminal proceedings with particular emphasis on the specificity of pre-trial proceedings, which is characterized by the need to undertake a number of immediate actions.

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Administrative and construction law

The Law Firm offers services in the field of administrative law - support in the process of obtaining permits, concessions and approvals, as well as representation in front of public administration bodies, local government appeals board and administrative courts. The Law Firm specializes particularly in construction law. We represent investors at every stage of investment.

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Protection of personal and intellectual property rights

One of the most important areas of focus for our Team are matters concerning protection of personal rights, press, copyright and intellectual property law. Attorney Barbara Kardynia has 18 years of experience in conducting cases for the protection of personal rights and press law.

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Medical law

The Law Firm has extensive experience in the field of widely understood medical law. We represent medical entities, including hospitals, in disputes with the National Health Fund, we deal with cases of medical malpractice, both representing doctors and medical entities, as well as patients whose rights have been violated, applying for compensation, annuity and indemnity for harm.

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