About us

Barbara Kardynia Law Firm is a team of perfectly cooperating lawyers, with extensive experience gained in reputable law firms and in business. 

The Law Firm is experiencing a dynamic development, and the team of the Law Firm is systematically expanded by further professionals, whose proficiency in specialized fields of law allows for professional legal services for Clients.

The Law Firm provides services to individual clients oriented on the protection and enforcement of their rights in various areas of life, as well as entrepreneurs, who need legal support in difficult and complicated cases. 

The Office is located in the heart of Warsaw, on Aleje Jerozolimskie, opposite the Varso office building being under construction.

Thanks to an individual approach to each of our Clients, tailored to their needs and the specificity of their case, our Clients are provided with comfort and certainty that the lawyer conducting their case is perfectly familiar with it and will take due care of their interests.

In the work of lawyers, we cultivate awareness of the responsibility of an attorney providing legal assistance and an absolute order to be guided in the work of an attorney by professional courage, the good of the client and ethical principles.

The key advantage of the Law Firm is the great experience and commitment of the lawyers forming the team of the Law Firm, as well as flexibility and individual approach to each Client, which often results in unconventional but effective solutions to the problems we face on a daily basis, when providing legal services to our Clients.

The Law Firm provides its Clients with both permanent and comprehensive legal services and ad hoc legal assistance.


Our success is measured through the effort and passion used for its achievement.

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